Pleasanton Police Chief applauds local efforts to aid West, Texas



As Chief of Police in Pleasanton, I can imagine the strain this tragedy in West, Texas created for the local law enforcement there.

I think it’s tremendous that you have people, like Shawnene Edmondson, who will take the initiative and put forth a huge effort in collecting items that people need for just day-to-day living. I see that as one way of removing that strain off the local law enforcement and local officials there, who are trying to fill all those gaps.

You have people that will take time out of their day to collect items and get on social media and say, “These people need help and I’m asking you, will you help us help them?”

The people of this community and the surrounding communities have helped in a huge way. They’ve donated gift cards, cash, water, blankets and clothing. Things that we take for granted that we have everyday.

When she (Shawnene) got there, there was a lady with babies with no diapers. People here in the community had donated packs of diapers. That made a huge impact on that lady’s life, I’m sure. It just makes me so proud to be able to say that I worked with Shawnene Edmondson and it just relates the fact that we have great people who live in our community, who took the time out, saying, “How can we help?” And, they really stepped up and we thank the citizens of Atascosa County from the bottom of our hearts. We really, really appreciate that.

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