Pleasanton park to reopen Oct. 1

City to monitor COVID-19 cases as school reopens



The Pleasanton River Park is tentatively set to reopen on Oct. 1.

“That’s for all of our facilities,” said Mayor Travis Hall. “The reason we picked Oct. 1 is simply because Pleasanton ISD begins school this month.”

Mayor Hall revealed that PISD Superintendent Matthew Mann gave him a report on Sept. 3 that in the primary alone, 60% of their students were attending school in person and 40% were attending virtually. Overall, all of the classroom percentages were a bit higher than that.

“As school begins here in Pleasanton, if you read or listen, they are having problems all over this nation with kids getting sick,” said Mayor Hall. “We will see how it goes from the time that school begins here to the end of September, which is only three weeks. It will give us time to see how things go with school.”

Mayor Hall explained that if the city has a significant increase in COVID-19 cases within these next three weeks of September, the city will not be able to open up the park or their city facilities on Oct. 1 as planned. He provided a few national statistics during the Sept. 3 Pleasanton City Council meeting.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), between May 21 and Oct. 5 (summertime), children’s COVID-19 cases have increased 720%, while all other ages have increased 270%.

“That tells you right there that there is a problem, and we’ve known it all along, between COVID and children. That’s why we haven’t been able to open the park,” said Mayor Hall. “I would rather have the park closed down. We have not had one case of COVID-19 from any child in this city from our park, and I don’t want it, so we’re taking it slow.”

The City of Pleasanton will monitor all COVID-19 cases over the next three weeks leading up to their City Facilities Reopening Plan of Oct. 1.

“I visited with Dr. Mann and the school is doing everything they can do to make their environment as safe as possible. They are very passionate and very concerned for everyone’s safety,” said Mayor Hall.

The Pleasanton Express will report all updates concerning the reopening of the City of Pleasanton facilities. Keep your eye on our social media for more information as it is available.

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