Pleasanton Narcotics Enforcement Team siezes 60 pounds of Meth, two pounds heroinFree Access

An investigation that began in the City of Pleasanton and led by the Pleasanton
Narcotics Enforcement Team resulted in the seizure of 60 pounds of
methamphetamine, almost two pounds of pure black tar heroin and over $20,000 in US
currency in a location north of Pleasanton. They were assisted by the Texas
Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigative Division and the Atascosa County
Sheriff’s Department.

“A narcotics seizure of this amount is unprecedented. To put things into perspective,
that is enough individual doses of methamphetamine to fuel the habits of
approximately 27,000 people said Pleasanton Chief of Police Ronald Sanchez.”
The Pleasanton Police Department states that it remains committed to arresting and relentlessly
pursuing those responsible for trafficking narcotics in our community and the
arrests will continue. “We are not done,” said Chief Sanchez.

Pleasanton Narcotics Enforcement seizes 60 lbs. of meth, two lbs. heroin and $20K.

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