Pleasanton, Lytle see monthly sales tax revenue increase

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts $731.7 million in local sales tax allocations for November, 1.2 percent more than in November 2014. In Atascosa County, Pleasanton saw a 5.5% increase in the 2015 November allocations with a net payment of $679,267. Pleasanton’s 2015 payments to date are up 3.64% for a total of $6,520,643. Lytle had the largest percentage increase in the county with 17.61% change and a net payment of $95,966. Lytle’s 2015 year to date payments total $873,217.

Poteet saw the largest percentile loss of -17.85% with a $29,592 payout, down from last year’s $36,026. Jourdanton experienced a 16.25% loss with a $91,406 rebate as compared to 2014’s $109,153. Charlotte saw a 12.48% decrease with the November 2015 check totaling $43,590 compared to 2014’s payout of $49,810.

These allocations are based on sales made in September by businesses that report tax monthly, and sales made in July, August, and September by businesses that report tax quarterly.

Hegar stated that sales tax revenue for the state in October was $2.28 billion, down 5.4 percent compared to October 2014. “October state sales tax revenue was depressed, as expected, by declines in spending in oil and natural gas-related sectors,” Hegar said. “Other major sectors of the Texas economy, including construction, information, and services, continued to show growth in tax remittances.”

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