Pleasanton ISD’s school bond:

Will it Pass or Fail?



In a few weeks, Pleasanton ISD residents will decide whether or not an $85 million bond election will be approved. The bond will allow new construction for a high school and renovating other facilities within the district.

Some of these renovations/improvements include:

• New High School built for 1200 with the capability to expand if needed.

• New practice fields, lighted tennis facilities, year-round football/soccer competition stadium, concession stands, handicapped accessible venues

• Improving the Primary campus traffic flow, playgrounds, adding classroom/ restroom space; safe keyed entries

• Upgrading the current Intermediate and Junior High campuses to renovate all classrooms, restrooms, play spaces, science labs, cafeteria for use as a new elementary campus (with outdoor learning/play spaces)

• Current High School renovations will include new floors, restrooms, technology, air conditioning and safety. It will be used as an expanded junior high school

• Agriculture Barn/Horticulture space and JROTC facility

• New school buses to replace aged out vehicles

• District-wide technology upgrade (full infrastructure to move from a flat platform)

• Security camera upgrades/expansions and safety entrances and perimeter fences for all campuses

• Roofing/air conditioning

• District-wide resources (furnishings) to replace broken/outdated equipment

• Portables for transition classes (while new facilities being built/expanded) to later serve for the Reassignment Center

• Grounds repairs

Why now?

The current high school was originally built in 1957. Additions have been added on throughout the years, but more renovations are needed.

The current elementary school is at capacity and is located in a flood plain. Portable buildings nor expansion would be allowed.

Updating technology is also needed district-wide. Computers, software, routers would be installed to meet the learning needs of students.

To accommodate Career Academies in Natural Energy Resources, Business/Technology Management, and Health/Human Services, more space is need for facilities.

Traffic flow studies and demographic studies are showing that Pleasanton’s population is increasing.

The new Oak Pointe Estates Project – (the 94 acre housing development that will initially include 72 single family homes and 650 apartments) as well as the expansion of Williamsburg Estates (another 60 plus homes) and Bonita Vista, are predicted to spur the district’s student population.

Extra-curricular programs serve nearly 75 percent of our students and are in need of expansion/upgrades (agriculture, athletics, fine arts, career education, etc.)

Where is all the oil money?

Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith explained how oil impact the district.“For every dollar the schools receive from the oil money, they lose a dollar because the state reduces how much money they send to the districts. So it is an even wash. Cities and counties get to keep revenue from sales tax, property tax, etc. and the state gets money from the oil business, but local schools do not benefit from this increase.”

How much will taxes increase?

Citizens with homes valued at $50,000 would have about a 35 cents a day impact (about $10 monthly). If homeowner’s value is $100,000, taxes will increase to about $21.25 per month.

Taxpayers with a homestead who are 65 years or older will have NO INCREASE in their taxes.

Money raised through taxes for ‘debt service’ such as the bond cannot be recaptured by the state at a later date. All funds remain within the district to fund the bond.

Who can vote?

Registered voters who live in the Pleasanton Independent School District, may vote in the election. These include residents of Leming, Campbellton, Verdi, and Blackhill. Voters do not have to own property to be eligible.

Need more info?

Voters who may have questions that will need answers before they decide to vote either for or against the bond are encouraged to attend an informational meeting to be held at the Pleasanton High School Cafeteria this Thursday, April 18 at 6:15 p.m.

Information is available on the district website ( on the front page link to the 2013 Bond. There are flyers that have also been distributed around businesses in town.

Please see the district’s Notice of Election on pages 8A & 9A.

When is voting?

Early Voting is April 29th – May 3rd at the Administration Office Board Room, 831 Stadium Drive, Pleasanton.

Voting day is Saturday, May 11, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., at the following polling locations:

All Single Member Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7- Pleasanton Elementary School, 628 North Main, Pleasanton;

Single Member Districts 1, 2, & 4 – St. Andrews Catholic Church – St. Anthony Building, 626 Market Street Pleasanton; Single Member Districts 4 &7- Leming Elementary School, 25 East Fifth Street, Leming; Single Member District 6 – Campbellton Community Center, 305 St. Francis Street, Campbellton.

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