Pleasanton ISD works on increasing district’s rating



Opening the September 10 meeting of the Pleasanton school board was Dr. Venus Valenta, who will be working with the district to get their ratings increased. She discussed the four goals and many performance objectives that will be formulated, and the three checkpoints throughout the year that will examine how well they are meeting these. The District Improvement Plan will be required for approval, as well.

Since Elementary and Primary are tied in accountability ratings, they will come up with a targeted implementation plan and add what actions will be taken to align with TEA good practices. A textbook review for 2020 for High School ELAR (English Language Arts and Reading) will be held and there will be all new textbooks which teach 100 percent TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills), which is now required for all textbooks.


Jennifer Donato reported there is a fund balance of $2.6 million that needs to be transferred from TX Pool to Prosperity Bank, so that some invoices can be paid. RFQs have been put in the paper for the Eagle Stadium renovation.

Several interested companies came in for a packet and to inspect the fields. A committee will look over the proposals and narrow them down for presentation to the board at the October meeting. The design/build should be started by November 25 and finished by March 31, 2020.

HB3 is the bill that passed which promised salary increases for all teachers and other financial items for school districts to follow. Region 20 is still receiving information on HB3 because the bill is still being finalized. Primary funding is based on local taxes and secondary funding is state TEA Foundation payment. There are many components to the budget that must be adhered to and the district will be keeping up with the changes as they come.

Consent Agenda

The agenda includes the minutes from the regular meeting on August 13, the public hearing on August 20 and the special meeting on August 20, plus the financial report. Gerald Guerra moved to accept as presented. Ralph Unger seconded and motion passed with Blasa Chapa, Pat Cox and Felipa Garza also voting yes. Pete Pawelek was not present at the meeting.

New Business

Donato recommended CTE Fieldscapes to provide the Field Maintenance for the football, soccer, baseball and softball fields. They would begin on November 19 and the cost would be $27,192. Cox moved to accept, with Chapa seconding. Motion passed unanimously.

Donato also requested the approval of the final payment on the parking lots to BRM Trucking and Construction, LLC in the amount of $28,632.92. This would come out of the capital improvement fund. Motion passed unanimously.

The IT Department requested purchasing 48 carts for ELAR classrooms. These carts hold 30 Chromebooks in a charging station. This is the first year replacement. They hope to do the elementary and part of junior high in the fall and the rest of junior high and high school in the spring. The $341,520, which comes from local funds, will pay for them all, although they will be purchased as outlined above, so that there is no question of storage and warranty on those that are not installed right away. Board approved unanimously.

IT also asked to be allowed to purchase Bright Link projector boards for high school science classes. The cost is $38,233 through Buy Board. This should bring all classrooms to having one. Trustees approved unanimously.

Police Department Grants

Pleasanton ISD Police Chief Humberto Torralba wrote and received the SB12 Rifle Resistant Body Armor Grant Program. This type is used by the military, resistant up to an AR and worn over the normal body armor.

The value of the grant is $19,900 and is from funds released by Governor Greg Abbott after the Dallas police officers were killed in an ambush. A resolution is needed from the board to accept this grant. Motion was unanimous.

Chief Torralba also wrote and received the HB11 National Incident Based Reporting System grant. This will allow all reporting done by the officers to be electronic and kept up daily. The FBI mandates all reports be included in a national database and this will allow them to do so quickly and easily. This will put them ahead of all other ISD police departments in the area. Resolution to accept the grant was unanimous.

Closed Session

President Frank Tudyk called a closed session to discuss the Superintendent’s Formative Evaluation and to consider a real estate matter. When they returned at 8:03 p.m., he announced that no action was to be taken and adjourned the meeting.

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