Pleasanton ISD Bond readies for election

Pleasanton ISD voters attended a meeting held earlier this month to gather more information and to ask questions. The 2015 PISD Bond election will be held Saturday, May 9. Early voting is April 27 -May 5.

Pleasanton ISD voters attended a meeting held earlier this month to gather more information and to ask questions. The 2015 PISD Bond election will be held Saturday, May 9. Early voting is April 27 -May 5.

The Pleasanton ISD 2015 Bond Proposal proponents have been cognizant of the questions and concerns of the voters during this bond’s process. The school district has held meetings to answer and address these concerns.

A group of concerned citizens have joined forces to help get out the information and to support the district’s endeavor.

One of the meetings for the public was held earlier this month with the second one held on Tuesday, April 21. It isn’t too late, though, to find out more information. Voters can still contact the district by calling 830-569-1200 and leaving a message for PISD Superintendent Dr. Matthew Mann.

Frequently asked questions have also been addressed on the PISD 2015 Bond Facebook page. For those who may not have access, the questions and comments follow:

Q: How will the traffic routing be managed with yet another school (the proposed new elementary school) in an area already suffering from congestion?

A: Work needs to be done with the architect, transportation director, campus principals, the city manager and the district police department to really examine options for the most efficient traffic decisions that work with the design of the new school.

The goal is to access and utilize as many roads as possible including the city park and any campus roads that have already been constructed. Some may not be working to their best advantage. Looking at start and dismissal times to maximize traffic efficiency is also under evaluation. And then, working with the city, decisions can be made that will be beneficial to the city and the school district, resulting in a flow that will allow easier drop offs and less convoluted traffic paths on and off the campus.

Coming to a conclusion or making decisions or promises on this topic too early will be more detrimental than helpful. For now, the district acknowledges that these are critical issues and Dr Mann and staff will be working collaboratively towards the best solutions with the aid of knowledgeable experts listed above.

Question: Can I get a breakdown of what is going to be spent at each campus? I need more information than what is on the fact sheet.

Answer: These figures are very conservative estimates. Each dollar amount can fluctuate so they are not set in stone.

New Elementary School (campus will house grades 2-5) $40 million

High School Renovations

$11 million. .

Pleasanton Intermediate Campus/Junior High Renovation $7.3 million.

Primary expansion and renovation: $3 million

New Ag Animal Facility $1.7 Million.

Q: Who can vote?

A: Any registered voter 18 years of age or older (you must be at least 17 years and ten months of age or older on the date your application is submitted) who resides in the Pleasanton ISD boundary and is registered to vote by April 9, 2015.

There are also some “Did you know” bits of information, too.

Did you know… that the Bond Issue that is on the May Ballot is the result of several months of meetings by a Long Range Planning Committee that was comprised of citizens from across the community?

Recommendations about how to approach solving the issues in front of the district came after education on financial options available by state law, mandatory maximums for class sizes and the list of things that were wanted and needed. The committee focused on the needs when making their recommendation to the Board. The Board determined the amount of the bond and the final focus.

Did you know… that the 100 acres that PISD purchased as expansion land was advertised in the paper for lease by ranchers or farmers? Only one person responded and they currently maintain the property at no cost to the taxpayers. The land will be there when the district needs it.

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