Pleasanton ISD bond has smaller price tag

A new and adjusted bond for Pleasanton ISD will be voted on November 5. An earlier election was held this past May and failed by 127 votes with 604 voting against and 477 voting for the $85 million bond.

How is this bond different?

Through outreach meetings with voters attending and asking for clarification, the district pared down the bond to $65 million.

Gone are the brand new stadium and field house at the proposed new high school campus situated off FM 476, north of Coastal Bend College. The district is concentrating on the necessities this time around.

“Pleasanton ISD is excited about the long-range planning work of the staff and community members over the past year. We know that by providing our younger students with vibrant learning settings indoor and out, we will develop their bodies, knowledge, and love of learning,” said Dr. Cynthia Clinesmith, Pleasanton ISD Superintendent.

“The renovations of the aged and crowded facilities will support the Pleasanton community needs for decades to come for all students,” she continued.

The elementary school has no room to expand. If the bond is passed, the intermediate and junior high campuses will be upgraded to accommodate grades 2nd through 5th.

The junior high school will be relocated to the current high school with expansions and enhancements.

All campuses will have safety upgrades and improved security .

The High School Graduation requirements have changed with the advent of House Bill 5 and the State Board of Education is working on the transition and implementation of those new requirements.

The new high school will be able to offer more courses so graduates are better prepared to either attend college or be ready to enter the workforce.

The location of the high school will be convenient to Coastal Bend College. The district will be able to partner with them to offer courses that could benefit students.

The high school, ready for an updated academic setting to handle 1200-1600 students over a ten year growth, will include a career/trade centers, an agriculture facility, year-round athletic fields and ROTC space.

How much will taxes increase?

The district’s tax rate will increase 24 cents, bringing the rate up from $1.13 to $1.37.

If a homeowner’s value is $100,000, taxes will increase to about $17 per month.

Taxpayers with a homestead who are 65 years or older will have NO INCREASE in their taxes.

Money raised through taxes for ‘debt service’ such as the bond cannot be recaptured by the state at a later date. All funds remain within the district to fund the bond.

More Community Meetings

In addition to the meetings held just after the May election, the district is scheduling four more meetings located in Pleasanton, Campbellton , Leming, and Blackhill. Concerns and questions will be addressed and answered in the open forum. All meeting times are at 6:30 p.m.

They are as follows:

•Wednesday, October 9 – Pleasanton Elementary School, 616 Main Street.

•Monday, October 14 – Campbellton Community Center, 305 St. Francis Street, Campbellton.

•Tuesday, October 15 – Leming School, 25 E. 5th Street, Leming.

•Thursday, October 17 – Blackhill Community Center, 2667 FM 478, Floresville.

Who can vote?

Registered voters who live in the Pleasanton Independent School District, may vote in the election. These include residents of Leming, Campbellton, Verdi, and Blackhill. Voters do not have to own property to be eligible.

When is voting?

Early Voting is October 21 through November 1 at the Administration Office Board Room, 831 Stadium Drive, Pleasanton. There will be two days with extended hours, October 22 and 29 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Voting day is Tuesday, November 5, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m., at the following polling locations:

•Atascosa County Precincts 1, 3, 9, 15, & 20- Pleasanton Fire Station, 219 West Hunt Street, Pleasanton;

•Atascosa County Precincts 4, 11 & 21- Campbellton Community Center, 305 St. Francis Street, Campbellton.

•Atascosa County Precincts 7 & 22- Leming Elementary School, 25 East Fifth Street, Leming;

•Atascosa County Precincts 5,8,10,16,17 &23 – Poteet VFW Center, 9655 North State Highway 16, Poteet

•Atascosa County Precincts 6, 13, 14 & 19 – Jourdanton Community Center, 1101 Campbell Avenue, Jourdanton.

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