Pleasanton HS senior parking spaces, a tradition that grows



To kick off the 2021- 2022 school year, the seniors left their mark on Pleasanton High School. At the end of the summer, the seniors were offered the opportunity to purchase and paint a parking spot for $25. The money made from the purchasing of the spots will go towards the attendance incentives for all grade levels. From Aug. 6-8, these seniors spent their time at the high school in a united effort to decorate the parking lot.

This burst of color in the student parking lot is a highly-welcomed tradition at Pleasanton High School. Approved designs include the Sublime logo, a marauders map, the Dunder Mifflin logo, a Harry Styles theme, lots of flowers and so many more. As the tradition grows, the amount of spots painted continues to grow.

Kristina Merts, who painted a parking spot with her sister Kelly, said, “I think the parking spots are beautiful; they look really nice.” Having spent days painting and watching her fellow seniors paint their spots made her feel connected to her classmates and she feels the parking spots really show the school spirit.



In the midst of the parking spot painting, Harrison Gaenzel missed the opportunity due to being in the hospital for medical reasons. Taking to Facebook, Harrison’s mom asked for help and the community answered. Many people, including a high school administrator, offered to reserve and paint a spot for Harrison to make sure he gets the full senior experience. Through the help of the community, Harrison was able to paint an amazing parking spot and make the best of his senior year.

So, next time you’re at the Pleasanton High School gym, be sure to check out the various senior parking spots that express the Class of 2022.















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