Pleasanton Green Up day, SaturdayFree Access

City of Pleasanton Parks and Recreation along with Karnes Electric Coop. are promoting a Pleasanton Green Up day, Saturday, May 18.

“We are wanting to get the community together to support and beautify the City of Pleasanton,” said Tony Aguirre, Parks and Recreation Event Coordinator.

“We know that there are a lot of people who would like to volunteer and offer their services, so we decided to join with the citizens along with Karnes Electric and Boy Scouts who will be planting trees at the River Park.”

This is an opportunity to promote volunteerism and an invitation to groups of people and for everyone to use this day as a clean-up day.

Greg Leach, Pleasanton Parks and Recreation Director, mentioned, “We’re going to use a few people and a few kids. I spoke with another church that will bring a youth group out there as well. We’re also asking volunteers to clean up the city, whether that’s cutting grass, picking up trash, maybe helping with painting. At the same time we’re encouraging those who are not able to be at the park to go ahead and clean where they can whether it’s in their house, their backyard, their neighbor’s backyard.”

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