Pleasanton eighth grade boys basketball wins at Gonzales

The Pleasanton eighth grade boys basketball A-team beat Navarro 65-19. The Eagles grabbed a 25-0 lead by the end of the first quarter.

“The Eagles defense stilfled the Panthers offense and limited them to a handful of second-chance shots,” said Pleasanton coach Stephen Barron.

R.J. Marquez scored 20  points. Jake Casias scored 13 points. Jayce Krauskopf had 10 points. Layne Dowdy and Luke Thornton both had eight points.

The Pleasanton eighth grade boys basketball B-team lost 18-14.

“The Eagles put pressure on the Panthers early and never relented throughout the game,” Barron said.

Robert Smith had five points. Dillon Benavidez had four points.

The Eagles took third in the Tilden tournament on Jan. 12. They lost 44-22 against McMullen County and lost 37-19 to Falls City. Plesaanton beat Charlotte 43-30.

Both Eagles teams won at Gonzales on Jan. 14. The A-team won 69-35. 

“The Eagles played exceptional defense all night and limited the Apaches to many one-shot possessions,” Barron said.

Marquez posted 18 points. Layne Dowdy talled 15 points. Max Sauceda had eight points. Luke Thornton had seven points. Casias had six points.

The A-team plays next in the Devine Middle School Tournament on Saturday.

The B-team took a 31-13 victory against the Apaches.

“The Eagles kept relentless pressure on the Apaches all game long,” said Barron.

Ricky Alcora had six points. Benavidez, Smith, Riley MIlls and Devon Clark each had four points.

The B-team plays next on Jan. 21 against Brooks Academy.

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