Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming Queen Candidates




This year’s Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming will be held in conjunction with the Turn-N-Burn BBQ Cookoff, on Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9.

The Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming Queen election will be held Friday, Jan. 25 and Saturday, 26. Voting will take place both days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Pleasanton Chamber Log Cabin.

To vote you must live in Pleasanton ISD and be in ninth grade or older. Voters must have a valid ID or proof you live in the district.

Pleasanton ISD employees that live outside the district can vote with proper school ID. Students can vote at Pleasanton High School on Friday, Jan. 25 during lunch.

My name is Valentina Gasca and I am delighted to be initiating an impactful opportunity by participating to run for Cowboy Homecoming Queen this year.



I am a 15-year-old Hispanic teen involved in extracurricular activities such as being part of the Eagle Symphonic Band, Powerlifting, a member of Student Council, altar server at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, and a student in TRIO Upward Bound.

I want to run for Queen because there aren’t many people who look like me and I would like to represent and act as a role model to younger girls coming from a family or background similar to mine, and inspire them to thrive no matter their race or color. I would be honored to hold the title as Queen and proudly represent the Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming Court. God bless!

Hello, my name is Grace Abigail Isaguirre.

I proudly represent Pleasanton High School as a member of the PHS Mighty Eagle Band, Student Council and the Varsity Cross Country and track team.

I was officially adopted by my amazing parents when I was 7, but had been fostered by them since I was a baby. If given the opportunity, I would use my platform as a member of the court to raise awareness for adoption and the foster care system, in order to help other kids find stable and loving homes. I want to be a voice for children like me.



Thank you.

Hello, my name is Gabriela Martinez.

As an extremely passionate and dedicated student, I believe that I am a good candidate to represent our community as a part of the Cowboy Homecoming Court.

I am currently a member of the Pleasanton High School Varsity Cheerleading team and Student Council. Both of these organizations require me to take part in community services and activities and be the best example and participant I can possibly be.

If elected, I will give my dedication to better our town and provide my assistance in any way needed. Wishing all of my fellow candidates good luck. Thank you!

Hi, my name is Elena Cristina Ortiz. I am 17-years-old. I’m a junior at Pleasanton High School, an Athletics Trainer, and also work at the Pleasanton Primary School.



I live in Campbellton and attend Sacred Heart Catholic Church. I am a hometown girl who was taught if you want anything in your life have faith, and remember that you have to work for it. I was always told anything is possible, you can make it happen. Believe in yourself. These words are powerful to me.

It would be a privilege to represent the community of Pleasanton. It would be an honor to be your 2019-20 Pleasanton Cowboy Homecoming Queen. I would represent the City of Pleasanton and Chamber of Commerce proudly.

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