Pleasanton Council hears update on capital improvement plan

The regular meeting of the Pleasanton City Council was called to order at 6 p.m. on March 17 by Mayor Clint Powell. in attendance were council members Doug Best, District 1, Abraham Saenz, District 2; Diana Prasifka (District 3); Eliseo Flores, District 4 and Robert Earl Wood, District 5. Absent from the meeting was Travis Hall Jr., District 6.

The minutes from the March 3 meeting were approved as were the items on the consent agenda. Those included the disapproval of the preliminary plat for the Pleasanton Elementary School, the approval of the preliminary plat for MG Building Materials Subdivision, the approval of a variance to sign ordinance section, 150.04 Ground Sign and Billboard Regulations section (K) (5)and the approval of a variance to Title XV: Land Usage, Chapter 150.01 Building Code; Paragraph (K) minimum setback requirement for any structure; (a) twenty-five feet from front of property line for 319 Lullwood.

J.J. Roberts, Street Department Superintendent, gave the Department Head report on the repairs of potholes around the city as well as at the Sports Complex, the demolition and clean-up on properties located at 518 San Antonio Street and 936 Pleasanton Avenue. The Winship Road clean-up and the driveways on High Meadow are all completed.

Mayor Powell read two letters of commendation. One was from the Executive Director of CASA Joni Garcia thanking the staff not only for the job done on readying their new space but to thank the staff for taking care of the lawn around the building as well. Mrs. Louella Carr wrote a thank you letter praising the crews for taking care of an unpaved area on Haverlah Road two days after she contacted the city. Last, the Mayor read a letter from United States Air Force Colonel David Juracka. (sp) addressed to Mr. Roberts thanking him for the outstanding support they received for a flight training. Randolph AFB called reporting there had been an emergency landing at the airport and asked if someone could check on the situation. Roberts contacted the Fire Chief to ensure that all was fine. There were no injuries and all was well.

At the last Council meeting, it was reported that the City had been approached by Verizon to lease a portion of property located in the Goodwin water tower location. They would construct a cellular phone tower in the northwest portion of the property, improve the existing access and are asking for a 55 year lease. It would result in good revenue for the city. John Metting, City Engineer, reported there are no existing utility conflicts. The city will prepare an agreement for the benefit of both parties once the proposed agreement is approved by the city’s legal department.

The council then heard a presentation from John Raney on adopting the 2015 International Code Council Model Codes and 2014 National Electrical Codes. By adhering to these codes, the Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating would improve our current rating of four (4) – one being the best, ten being the worst. These ratings affect homeowner’s insurance rates. Raney reported that the State of Texas has already adopted them and we would be in line with the State.

Crestline to IH 37 water line project

City Manager Pearson reported on the Crestline to IH 37 water line project. The plant on Crestline -including the new 1.25 million gallon storage tank is in service and the property will be housing several rooms for treating the water and a portable generator will be mounted when needed. That plant will be able to run full capacity if the City loses commercial electricity service.

The next segment will be the Halpin Plant off of FM476. It will take it from the Halpin Plant to the north part of the city. Several bores were made to accomplish this improvement. Pressure reducing valves have been installed to supply water in the east side of town, too. This is helping to take the strain off of the main yard water well.

The third segment, will come in near the Longhorn Museum. Those lines will continue down Hwy. 97 to provide service for future developments – staying clear of another water company’s service area.

Street CIP Program Phases I and II

Pearson briefed the Council on getting better bids on the Main Street renovation (Phase I). He then reminded them that the street improvements were handled in the order of need. Streets that were in total disrepair were addressed first, streets that were not in good repair and had traffic were next and third priority was the streets we would lose over time if improvements were not made. Cynthia Street needed huge repairs and has been repaired as of now. Next was High Meadow – a high traffic street and the third road was Winship Road. Phase II will include – is not priority – Colony Drive, Reed Street, Haverlah Road if funds allow. Hunt, Massad and Live Oak and two others are on the list. He asked for the citizens’ patience throughout these improvements.

The meeting then recessed into executive session at 6:42 p.m. When the council emerged at 7:23 p.m. both items – an unsolicited economic development presentation for possible public/private development of the Pleasanton Parks Master Plan and possible employment related claim against the City – were dismissed.

After reviewing the bills, the meeting was adjourned at 7:23 p.m.

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