Pleasanton Civic Center Update



During the City Manager’s Message at the June 20 Pleasanton City Council meeting, Bruce Pearson asked project manager Keith Powell to give an update on the Civic Center and Library.

Powell said about 95 percent of the selected demolition has been completed on the building. The demolition back towards the Post Office will happen when appropriate .

Powell also addressed those residents who have asked why they did not just knock down the entire buildings, it they were going to take so much out.

“Those parts of the building that we left, we knew were viable so it made sense to go ahead and utilize those. There is a little bit of remedial work that we are going to have to do so the buildings don’t fall on anyone’s head. It should be relatively minor,” said Powell.

He also discussed a section between the old Williams and Dowdy’s building. The subgrade material that the new foundations are going to sit on has been taken out and new material has been brought in. It has been tested and it is good, said Powell.

They also started underground plumbing and in the next few days they will start on underground electrical.

Powell also explained that in the next six-seven weeks, it will look like not much activity is taking place. However, the city is going through the submittal process for all the components going back into the buildings. This is where the contractor submits to the architect and the architect and consultants review that information.

Some might believe nothing is happening and the buildings are just sitting there, but there is a lot happening, said Powell.

Regarding the Freedom Center, it has been a fairly short design development. They met June 20 and finalized some of the details. A couple of revisions are needed before getting it to the contractor. At some point they will be looking for approval on the plans they reviewed and accepted. The process has been going well.

“I agree with what you said,” said Councilman Jimmy Magel. “People think there is not a lot going on. I will tell you from a day to day operation, I’m right next door and I can see a lot of activity.”

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