Pleasanton city, council address Coronavirus impact



It was on everyone’s mind when Pleasanton Mayor Travis Hall convened the city council on March 19. He encouraged everyone to abide by guidelines set out in an Executive Order issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on March 19 concerning the COVID-19 virus. Mayor Hall read the governor’s orders which included limiting social gatherings to ten persons; avoiding cafes, bars, gyms, massage parlors, etc.; no visits to nursing homes or long term care facilities; close schools. The order became effective statewide at 11:59 p.m. on March 20 and is subject to extension.

The order does not prevent visits to grocery stores, parks, etc. Precautions were urged. People were asked to work from home if possible.

Emergency Center

Mayor Hall announced the city has activated an Emergency Center at the Pleasanton Vol. Fire Department quarters on Airport Road. There is a Help Line, 830-569-2813, available from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. answered by a city employee trained in emergency operations. The line will be available until the current situation improves.

H.E.B. Report

Aubrey Smith, store manager of H.E. B., stated the store has taken measures to best serve their customers. The story has limited its hours, the focus is on hygiene, customers are encouraged to stay three feet apart and refrain from hand shakings and hugs for the time being.

There is a lot of anxiety and fear, she noted, but the store is in a very good position now. They are receiving multiple deliveries every day. She asked folks to refrain from panic buying. She encouraged people to shop for the elderly and utilize the Curbside Service. There is no fee for the curbside service.

Little League

Mayor Hall welcomed Pleasanton Little League president Zachery Campos, Zack Pawelek and Jenny Wiggins. Hall reminisced that he played at the Lions Field as a child.

“Little League inspires young people. It teaches them to win and that it’s OK to lose,” Hall noted. With fund raising efforts, the league has renovated two baseball in-fields. The San Antonio Missions provided soil mix, volunteered hours and watering of infields. The term was extended for five years.

“Thanks for what you do for our young folks,” Hall stated and presented a certificate recognizing the Pleasanton Little League. Council unanimously approved a contract amendment with the league.

Police Report

Pleasanton Police Chief Ronald Sanchez commended City Manager Johnny Huizar and Mayor Travis Hall for staying on top of the current virus crisis.

“You have been very pro-active,” he stated and commended the staff who have procured much needed safety equipment usually not available. “We are ready,” he stated. “Emergency Room centers are up and running and functional. We will be alright!.”

City Manager’s Report

Johnny Huizar assured the council that “Our highest priority is the wellbeing of our citizens and all our families.” He reassured everyone that as conditions continue to change, city officials are meeting daily, receiving updates needed on suggested measures set out by the CDC.

The city is working with any business that has been negatively impacted by loss of revenue during this time, he told council.

“EMC Strategy Group is offering help to businesses in town that are seeking critical funding during the nationally declared federal emergency,” he stated. Also the federal government has authorized the U.S. Small Business Administration to work with businesses of all sizes to get access to immediate working capital.

He stated the entire city staff has been instrumental in efforts to keep the city operational without interruptions in services. The Utilities Department continued work on the 5th Street water project. Asphalt was laid on Pulliam as weather permitted. Wells Construction has been working to install the new utility kiosk which will take the place of the drive thru window and be accessible to customers 24 hours a day.

The public can check the city’s Facebook page and website at www.pleasantontx. gov for all updates.

City Logo

Council unanimously approved a Non Exclusive Licensing Agreement between the City of Pleasanton and The Gypsy Moon Market for use of the city’s logo. Council agreed that a business using the cowboy and flag logo was a great idea.

Windmill Collection

Council approved a request to direct the city staff to build a 40×60-foot metal building to house the windmill collection donated to the Longhorn Museum by Jim Culloms of Poteet. It will have two overhead doors and be located behind the big oak tree behind the museum.

In other business, the council awarded a bid for an emergency repair and/ or replacement of the 8” water main line under the Hwy. 281 bridge. Council discussed the need to appoint two more members to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Council unanimously approved the following:

• ordinance No. 20-1241 amending the 2019-2020 budget for the city establishing the Court Jury Fund and Court Truancy Prevention and Diversion Fund

• minutes of the Feb. 20 Workshop Session and March 3 Special Session;

• approved the contract amendment with Pleasanton Little League

• approved temporary street closures of Fifth and Sixth Streets between Crockett and Market Streets on May 3, 2020 from 10 a.m.-1:00 p.m. for St. Andrew’s Catholic BBQ Luncheon.

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