Pleasanton Bulky Trash Pick-up


Pleasanton Community Development Services Department reminds everyone:

1. Trash shall not be placed at curbside more than 2 WEEKS prior to the ASSIGNED pick-up dates as stated below.

No exceptions – violators will be CITED if placed earlier than the 2 weeks.

2. Trash shall not be more than 10 cubic yards per residential unit, additional charges will apply if more than 10 cubic yards.

(Length x Width x Height = 270 cubic feet = 10 cubic yards)

3. Waste/trash piles with any hazardous waste including but not limited to dead animals, tires, oils, chemicals, hazardous waste, appliances with Freon and tube style T.V’s will not be picked up.

4. Trash not placed away from obstacles preventing pick-up such as power lines, tree branches, etc. will not be picked up.

5. NOTIFY Community Development Services when combining piles of bulky waste to prevent additional charges for having more than 10 cubic yards at a single location.

Brush / Bulky Trash Shall Be Placed At Curbside Prior To Your Scheduled

AREA 1: Pick-up starts MARCH 25 – 29 for the areas West of Bryant St. and North of Goodwin St. (Curbside placement starts MARCH 11 for AREA 1)

AREA 2: Pick-up starts APRIL 1 – 5 for the areas West of Hwy. 281 to Bryant St. and South of Goodwin (Curbside placement starts MARCH 18 for AREA 2)

AREA 3: Pick-up starts APRIL 8 – 12 for the areas East of Hwy. 281 and North of Coughran Rd. (Curbside placement starts on MARCH 25 for AREA 3)

Bulky/Trash shall be placed at curbside prior to start day…NO EXCEPTIONS…

For more info contact 830-569-3867 Ext.223

For map locations, visit the City website at:

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