Pleasanton and County see largest revenue increase in September



The state comptroller’s office has released the monthly city sales tax revenue for September. The City of Pleasanton sees the largest increase in revenue this month compared to the other cities in the county.

Pleasanton received a net payment of $525,065.84, up 43.20 percent from September 2017’s payment of $366,646.94. Jourdanton followed second with a percentage increase of 12.43 percent and a net payment of $87,332.71.

The cities of Charlotte, Lytle and Poteet saw decreases in net payments this month compared to last year this month with Charlotte seeing the largest decrease of -26.28 percent. The City of Charlotte received a net payment of $22,189.62, nearly $10,000 less than last year. Lytle saw a slight decrease with -5.81 percent and Poteet with the smallest decrease of -2.15 percent.

Atascosa County also saw the largest increase in payment this month compared to the surrounding counties of Bee, Frio, Karnes and Medina. The Atascosa Co. net payment for September was a whopping $688,663.73 with the next closest payment of $421,976.88 from Karnes County. The only county seeing a decrease this month was Frio. Please see accompanying charts for complete numbers and more information on September’s sales and use tax revenue.



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