Pleasanton adopts Building Permit Fee Schedule

The Pleasanton City Council unanimously adopted the City of Pleasanton Building Permit Fee Schedule on Aug. 2.

Prior to the vote, the council discussed amending the development fees and permits and establishing new ones. Councilwoman Kathy Coronado expressed some hesitation on some of the residential rates. She stated she was afraid some would not obtain the necessary permits.

City Manager Bruce Pearson said amending the fee schedule was necessary, “For this tremendous amount of commercial and industrial development we have taking place in the city.”

Within the structure, Pearson noted the importance of not leveraging so much on existing homeowners and existing businesses. Another sensitive area is the existing builders in this town. He has visited with them on several occasions.

Pearson continued on to discuss the general fund revenues and how the city has surpassed its projections. However, this should not suffice for adjusting fees. Several issues need to be considered such as vehicle costs, repair and replacements, gas, utilities, computers, etc. There are many costs involved in operating the departments. Consider the time, reviewing and planning required for a home, vs. a three-story hotel, said Pearson.

The permits and fees schedule begins with the fees required for building permits, based on the total valuation.

It also lists other inspection fees, such as site development permits (nonsingle family), change in occupancy use inspection, sign permits, and demolition permits.

The electrical permit issue fee is $100 residential and $185 commercial.

There is also a $150 fee for a change in occupancy use inspection. This fee covers the required inspection necessary to ensure compliance with the adopted fire and building codes and issuance of a new Certificate of Occupancy for an occupancy area that has changed from one occupancy/business use to a new occupancy/use.

Also included are fees for sign permits and demolition permits, to name a few.

The plumbing permit issue fee is $125 residential and $185 commercial. It goes on to list the fees for each fixture, each water heater, etc.

The gas permit issue is $40 residential and $150 commercial. The mechanical permit issue fee is $65 residential and $185 commercial.

For irrigation sprinkler systems, the sprinkler permit fee is $35.

A fee that is double the original permit fee will be charged for those failing to obtain permits. In other words, this fee will be assessed when a notice of violation has been issued for performing construction or system installation work without first obtaining appropriate permits as required by the City of Pleasanton.

The last two pages of the fee schedule deal with fire prevention and protection, such as fees for fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, etc.

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