PJHS New Teacher of the Year: Cyan Elane Robles



Seventh grade Math teacher Cyan Elane Robles received the New Teacher of the Year Award at Pleasanton Junior High School.

She attended PISD all of her school years. After graduating high school, she attended Angelo State University where she graduated from in 2019.

“I spent half a year student teaching in Sonora, Texas where I had two great teachers to learn from. We then moved back to Pleasanton, our hometown,” said Robles.

She was both surprised and proud to learn she was chosen for this New Teacher of the Year honor.

“Being that this is my first year, I was not expecting to receive an honor like this one. I worked hard and pushed myself to be the best that I could be.”

Her family includes her fiancé, Jake Mickaels, and her parents, Roland and Stephanie Robles.

Regarding balancing working from home with family she said, “I do not have any children yet, but I do have two dogs at home that are really enjoying us being there with them more often.”

She was disappointed to learn that staff and students would not be returning back to school.

“We did not know for a few weeks that we would not return at all. We thought we would be able to come back at some point. I was sad when I learned that we were not going back to the school at all. I felt like I was making progress with these students and wanted to see all they could accomplish by the end of the school year,” Robles shared.

Her teaching style has not changed very much since they started their distance learning, although she has had to adapt on how she gets the necessary information out to her students.

Robles said, “I try to post videos on how to work out the material we are covering and have had many conversations over the phone with students to help them have a better understanding for the lesson.”

She misses not being able to see her students and considers that interaction with students as one of the most rewarding parts of being a teacher.

“I love hearing stories about how they placed at a track meet or did really well on a project for another teacher.”

It was difficult not being able to properly say goodbye to all of her students.

“I know that I will see them on campus next year and around town, but it will not be the same as seeing them every day in class,” Robles said.

What are some triumphs of teaching now?

“One of the biggest triumphs for me during this time is being able to get better with using technology in my classroom. I still prefer having a more traditional style of teaching, but being forced to get out of my comfort zone and teach strictly online in the end will make me a better teacher.”

Robles is extremely proud of how the math department, school and community have rallied together to get the students what they need to get the proper education.

She enjoys teaching at the seventh grade level, as she loves how these students are starting to form their own identities.

“They are starting to become young adults and form their own opinions on certain subjects. I feel that I can be a strong role model in their lives and help direct them into being really great young citizens of this community,” said Robles.

She ended, “I would want the parents to know that we as teachers appreciate everything they do to make our jobs easier. Especially now that they are having to help us teach their kids more than ever. I am really thankful that I have a great group of parents that are helpful and patient with the distance learning.”

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