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From left to right, standing, PJ Sonnen, Paige Hubert, Kate McNeill, Shelby Henson, Matthew Garcia, Delanee Olivarri, Lauren Dowdy, Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen, Isaac Garcia, April Findley, Blake Moos, Kamrie Brill and Madeleine Guajardo; sitting, Gabriella Diaz, Felicia Patel and Zorayda Martinez. These Pleasanton High School students participated in the Student Legislative Session held in Austin on Monday, Nov. 12 hosted by Rep. Guillen.



Madeleine Guajardo


A lucky group of Pleasanton High School students attended the 15th Annual Student Legislative Session in Austin on Monday, November 12th. Each year this session is held by Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen, to educate young men and women on the inner workings of Texas government.

This year Pleasanton High School sent top ranking sophomore, junior and senior students plus those interested in a career in politics. Each student was assigned to a position in government to hold at the session. These included; state representatives; Gabriella Diaz, Lauren Dowdy, April Findley, Isaac Garcia, Matthew Garcia, Madeleine Guajardo, Shelby Henson, Paige Hubert, Zorayda Martinez, Kate McNeill and Delanee Olivarri; Senator Felicia Patel; Journalist Kamrie Brill and Lobbyist Blake Moos. Elected by popular vote was Governor PJ Sonnen of Pleasanton High School, Lieutenant Governor Ashley Miller of McMullen County High School and Speaker of the House Erin Solis of Rio Grande City High School. During their experience, Pleasanton students presented three different bills to committees, in hopes of making it to the Legislative floor. Unfortunately, both the ‘Human’ Health Care Professionals for Zoo Animals Act and the Bathroom Privacy Act died in committee. The Don’t Mess With Texas Oil Act made it past committee but it also died in the Calender phase. 

Mrs. Williams, a teacher at Pleasanton High School who accompanied the students to Austin, said “I think they enjoyed the experience as far as getting involved in the Legislative process. I’m hoping that it will make them more aware of the role government plays in our lives.”

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