Pie and thankful times

Ahhhh, Thanksgiving time! Where we all get to overeat, watch sports, play board games and visit with family and friends.

My contribution to this year’s feast are pies. Pecan, chocolate chess and, of course, pumpkin are my choices this year.

There was quite the scuttlebutt on the web that the pumpkin puree we all use to make our crusted confections wasn’t – GASP– actually pumpkin. Well, not the huge orange ones we just carved on a few of weeks ago!

Doing a bit of research (Googling) I found that all pumpkins are technically squash. And that some of the puree we may buy in cans comes from a variety of squash that is closely related to the pumpkin pulp.

I’m totally okay with that. I have used the recipe on the Libby’s label ever since I could help mix it in my mother’s kitchen.

As long as there is a flaky crust underneath and some whipped cream on top, I’m good!

But more important than the type of pumpkin used is really the ones gathering around it.

And while some revel in getting together with family, there are some who dread it. For those folks, they can be thankful that it only comes around once a year!

Plus, there are some who are unable to be with family, but have made plans to celebrate with new or old friends.

There are many who may be by themselves this year – either by choice or by necessity. 

Here’s to hoping all can find thankfulness in something, someway and somehow.

The way I see it, I just completed my 58th rotation around the sun and I’m thankful for all of those who are in my life.

Here’s to you all to have a thankful heart starting this Christmas season.


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