Pete Flores Kicks-Off Senate District 24 CampaignFree Access

PLEASANTON TX – Pete Flores, former Texas State Senator and conservative Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 24, announced his campaign to return to the Texas Senate.

“The opportunity to serve in the Texas Senate is an honor and a privilege. When the new redistricting lines were released on Saturday afternoon, it didn’t take long for the phone to start ringing,” said Flores, a resident of Pleasanton.

Flores who spent most of his professional career as a Game Warden for Texas Parks and Wildlife and retired with the rank of Colonel said, “The year 2018 found me serving in the Texas Senate. My first Session was met with awards and great accolades. It’s not the old District 19, but it still encompasses the heartland of Texas, the parts of Texas I most closely identify with. I know the people and the ideas and values they hold dear. It’s the town squares, cafes and diners, feed stores and Walmarts where I am most comfortable. I intend to continue my service to the people of District 24 and to Texas in the Texas Senate.”

“Today we kickoff a new chapter – a new campaign in service to the people of Texas. I have proven myself to be an able legislator and a tenacious campaigner. I look forward to the opportunity to campaign across the 11 counties of this District.
“There is no one who will campaign harder or is better equipped to represent the people of District 24 in the Texas Senate.

“I look forward to traveling the highways and byways of this remarkable district and most of all meeting with the amazing people in it.”

The Texas Senate released the first draft of its own members’ district maps on Saturday.

The Texas Legislature meets today for a 30-day special session specifically to redraw political maps based on the latest census data. The 31-member Senate is made up of 13 Democrats and 18 Republicans. Republicans have the majority in both chambers. The Legislature is tasked with setting new boundaries for state House and Senate districts in addition to redrawing new district maps for the state’s congressional seats and for the State Board of Education.

See released District map here
Redistricting map

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