Peeler praises JISD

During the regular meeting of the Jourdanton School Board, the Squaw Volleyball team was recognized for their great season. The trustees also received the annual financial report for the year just ended, in which they received a clean report.

Board President Barbara Peeler read the Consent Agenda, which contains approval of the November meeting minutes, the payment of the bills and the Business Office Report. The total in the investment accounts is $6,253,307.67 and the amount in the bond fund is $2,720,373.23. The tax collection for the month is $445,683.47, with year-to-date collections at $917,524.64. Checks issued for the month were $85,393.84. Wheeler moved to accept the agenda and Philip Netardus seconded. Motion passed unanimously, with Ramirez, Rita Munoz and Lugo also voting for the motion. Jupe was absent from the meeting. Payment of conflict of interest bills passed with Peeler abstaining.

Superintendent Theresa

McAllister requested that the board continue with membership in the Retainer Program of the Law Firm of Walsh, Gallegos, Trevino, Russo & Kyle, P.C. Through this program, she is able to contact an attorney at any time for quick answers to questions that may arise. If a more detailed, lengthy issue is to be discussed, then regular charges are in place. The membership costs $1,000 per year and she feels it is well worth the money. Motion was made and passed unanimously to continue the contract.

A budget amendment for the General Fund 199 was brought up next. There is $59,668.79 in a designated account which is several years old. This is the amount left over after a construction project was completed. On the advice of the auditors, this money is to be moved to Fund 199 since it is not recommended to keep designated balances for a long period of time. The addition of these funds will go toward the retention/sign on stipend for employees. For additional information, the full amount paid out to 209 employees totaled $213,290.63, which includes benefits. Peeler said that she was, “really proud of you, considering that a couple of years ago, the district was in deficit.”

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