Pearson presents recommendations at Pleasanton budget workshop

Pleasanton City Manager Bruce Pearson presented his list of recommendations and projects for the upcoming fiscal year, at the June 12 budget workshop. Pearson discussed both the general fund and utility fund in one evening.

“It gives us a chance to examine where the city is and where we need to go next year,” said Pearson.

Pearson stated,” The city staff and the city council have worked for several years to identify necessary projects from the infrastructure perspective in order to improve water and wastewater service, as well as streets and their surfaces. Drainage issues have also been a part of these discussions as well.”

He went on to say that an emphasis has been placed on public safety as a top priority. Pearson also recommended that they consider projects carried over from past years to also be a priority to start and complete in the next fiscal year.

Other items include the construction and completion of the Pleasanton Community Center and Library. In the next year (2014) considerations will have to be made for the outfitting of those facilities and the manpower necessary to support them.

“The Master Plan will identify several important areas for the city council and the city staff. The areas of future land use, capital improvement projects and facility projects will be very important as they relate directly to our budgets in the coming years. The Master Plan will provide for considerations over the next 10 years,” stated Pearson.

He further discussed incorporating three different types of budget design: performance based budgeting, program based budgeting and zero based budgeting.

“When designing a budget the one big question is what do we need for next year, as opposed to what do we want,” said Pearson.

The city is experiencing rapid growth and the city needs to ask if it has planned properly and if it is ready to accommodate this dramatic change.

The answer is multidimensional and cities are not generally prepared for changes such as the Eagle Ford Shale. Where oil and gas exploration are concerned, stated Pearson, the changes are sudden and dramatic. What is evident is the need for :


•Industrial and Commercial Property

•Commercial Establishments for the: a. Purchase of Durable Goods b. Food and Beverage c. Entertainment d. Other

The city’s newly adopted strategic guide is the “litmus test” now and into the future.

Pearson explained the city has indirect control and provides a partnering for developers and landowners to accommodate this growth. What the city can do is provide:

1. Public Safety

2. Regulatory and Code Enforcement

3. Infrastructure Maintenance and Development

4. Water Resources for the Future

5. Quality of Life Venues

6. Cooperation with its Neighbors (whenever possible to create a synergy in the area).

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