Paisley’s: Trendy, classy, chic

Paisley’s models, from left, Kalyn Burchett, Stormi Crouch, Tracy Diaz and Katie Evans. COURTESY PHOTOS

Paisley’s models, from left, Kalyn Burchett, Stormi Crouch, Tracy Diaz and Katie Evans. COURTESY PHOTOS

Sheila Crouch, owner of Paisley’s, a local boutique in Pleasanton, began her entrepreneurship journey out of a passion for Native American jewelry.

Crouch had a love for this turquoise Navajostyle and was a top customer of a Native American supplier out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. After several trips to purchase more jewelry for herself, her supplier gave her a little piece of advice. He prompted her to buy extra pieces to sell, so she can purchase more for herself.

Crouch bought a couple extra pieces and began selling at rodeos. Crouch stated, “I walked into the rodeo with a bag on my shoulder full of jewelry. Before I could get it set up, I had people bombarding me trying to buy jewelry.”

After much success, people began telling her to open a boutique. However, Crouch hesitated since she knew little about the industry and was comfortable with her current job and career. Though this thought never really left her mind, she continued to contemplate opening her own boutique.

Paisley’s in Pleasanton opened in April 2011 and has only grown.

Paisley’s in Pleasanton opened in April 2011 and has only grown.

When the oil boom hit, Crouch decided this was her shot. A dear friend of Crouch’s, Cindy Wojciechowski, who owned her own boutique, All About Me, motivated her to open. She took Crouch with her to market and gave her the boutique rundown on a two-day market trip.

After some friendly motivation and a sneak peek of the boutique side of the industry, Crouch opened the doors to Paisley’s in April 2011. She said, “We figured it out. We figured out what the people liked and didn’t like. I do a lot of research to make sure I am staying up with the trends, styles and latest colors.”

Since then, Paisley’s has only grown. They still carry Native American jewelry that is 100% Native American made, 100% sterling silver and all real turquoise. Most of the pieces are hand-stamped and all are quality guaranteed. They carry both men’s and women’s clothing and have staff that will help customers style outfits and shop for gifts. “We love dressing people and love making people feel good.”

Paisley’s men’s clothes have cowboy flair and women’s clothes are trendy, classy and chic. They have styles that appeal to all ages, sizes and budgets.

Paisley’s also tries to get to know their customers, their styles and interests. In reference to this, Crouch highlighted, “We have been working with them for so long that we know what they like to wear, and we are able to pick stuff out for them.”

In addition to customer service, Paisley’s also makes a number of donations and participates in charitable work around the community. They have made monetary donations to Safer Path Family Violence Shelter and Jamie’s Ranch. Paisley’s is also a sponsor of local Youth Rodeo Associations, Atascosa/McMullen Co-op Special Olympics and are supporters of A Godly Woman Women’s Conference at Cowboy Fellowship, Blue Santa, local stock shows, local Angel Trees and Atascosa County school districts.

Crouch stated, “When you spend your money here in the store, you’re giving right back to your community because we turn around and give it right back [in donations].”

Paisley’s has recently added infant and toddler clothing to the store. They are also stocking the shelves with gift items and gearing up for the holidays.

If you are interested in shopping at Paisley’s, they are located at 402 W. Oaklawn Rd. in Pleasanton. You can also shop their website link at and order for curbside pick-up or shipping. Paisley’s is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday Friday and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday.

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