Painting with friends

My latest attempt at painting with 50 folks!

The other day I was thinking that I really need to find something that brings joy to my life after my work day is done.

Too many times I find myself sitting on the couch with my dog (who absolutely LOVES couch time) and drifting off into a late night nap only to wake up and drag myself to a more comfortable bed.

I mean … sleep/rest is good and important, but I want to do something creative.

Home arts and crafts were my gig years ago. I made wreaths, jewelry, ornaments etc. I even participated in craft shows with my friend Christa. I never sold much as we were too busy visiting and catching up. A customer apologized for interrupting us to ask about our wares because we were so engrossed in our visit!

But seriously, I need to either finish projects that I started several years ago, or begin something I said I’d do when I turned 50 – besides wear hats. I want to learn how to paint.

Over the past year I’ve attended painting parties twice. You know, the ones where you paint with a group of friends and you enjoy some wine (or beverage of your choice).

The paint flows and comparisons are made. Then we all go home with basically the same art, but not really.

It amazes me how it all looks familiar but different when I would walk around or friends would show their creations.

The way I see it, while I enjoy the whole communal painting atmosphere, I really want to hone on my own style and musings. That’s why I’m going public with my wish. Keep me on track, y’all!

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