Over 40 attend Customer Service Workshop

On Thursday, Feb. 7 the City of Pleasanton’s Business and Economic Development team held a free Customer Service Workshop in conjunction with EMC Strategy Group to regional residents. Topics of discussion included attitude, perception, manners, sincerity, punctuality, appearance, intensity and teamwork in the customer service business to a crowd of 40 plus individuals.

“This was a great opportunity for employees to learn to be more interactive and not as shy as you see them today,” said Janice Gonzalez, owner and founder of EMC Strategy Group. “The younger generation isn’t as social, verbally, as the rest of us so this was a great opportunity for them to actually listen and know they can be a good employee in the customer service industry. I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation and the amount of people we had show up.”

Lee Burden, owner of WhyDewey Customer Service Training, led the workshop. “My goal is to share the best practices of customer service and provide tips on how businesses can improve the level of customer service that they provide,” said Burden. “It’s a business, not a hobby. You’ve got to take care of the business or somebody else will. That’s what I try to get across in my presentations.”

Richard Garcia with the City of Poteet said the presentation was very informative, reminding them on how to treat others when they come into your business. “Every person who comes into the office, you leave a mark on them when they leave. It reflects not just on me, but the City of Poteet as well.”

Bradley Cader with Rakowitz Engineering Services said the main thing he got out of the presentation was that customer service is not rocket science. He mentioned Burden said you need to bring yourself back to realize that the customer really is the reason you’re in this business in the first place.

Gonzalez was really pleased with the turnout of the Customer Service Workshop that EMC Strategy Group will be holding another workshop in March that focuses on organizational skills for the workplace with a city employee presenting. Please keep an eye out in the Pleasanton Express for more details on when this workshop will be taking place.

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