Over $2,000 in coins raised for FBC Sutherland SpringsFree Access

Jourdanton 8th Grader Carli Gorman raised over $2000 in coins for FBC of Sutherland Springs. Pictured left to right are Junior High Principal Robert Rutkowski, Audrey McCleary, Carli Gorman, Pastor Wade Brand and High School Principal Keith Chapman. 






The First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs shooting has definitely hit the hearts of those in the Atascosa community and has even made some people want to help out in any way they can. Jourdanton 8th grader Carli Gorman wanted to extend a hand to the hurting community and #SpreadKindnessForMandT by raising money for the victims and their families.

“She just came up to us one day and said she wanted to start a coin collection for them,” said junior high secretary Liesl Hons, “We agreed and decided to make it a campus wide fundraiser for elementary through high school.”

However, little did Gorman know just how willing the students would be to donate their pennies worth.

“We gave the coins to the bank to count for us after a week and when they came back with the amount, we were amazed,” said Hons. She said elementary alone brought in two boxes full of coins to the junior high office. “We had to use carts to transport the coins.” Together, the JISD campuses raised a total of over $2,000 for the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs in just one week of collecting coins.

When asked how she felt about it, Gorman said, “I was surprised. I didn’t expect to raise that much.” Gorman felt moved by the victims’ stories of recovery, especially that of one little boy who was hanging on for his life. She also had a family friend connection to one of the victims and felt the need to help out in any way she could. “I wanted to do it through the #SpreadKindnessForMandT because my boyfriend was good friends with Tanner,” said Gorman.

Candis and Toby Ross, parents to Gorman, were extremely proud of their daughter.

Pictured is Carli Gormen (middle) with parents Candis (left) and Toby (right) Ross. 

“At first she didn’t want anyone to know she was behind it all,” said Candis, “I’m a proud momma.”

“This is my oldest,” said Toby, “I’m super proud of her.”

Gorman presented the funds on Thursday, Nov. 30 at noon at the Jourdanton Junior High to Pastor Wade Brand of the First Baptist Church in Jourdanton. Brand received the donation on behalf of Pastor Frank Pomeroy of FBC in Sutherland Springs.

“I actually just found out a couple of months ago that I am related to Pastor Frank,” said Brand, “With all the scamming going on in donating toward the church, they wanted to insure they received the money by hand from someone they knew and trusted.”

With the funds raised, Gorman hopes to help the church, its victims and their families one more step in their recovery from the tragic event. You can donate to the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs at HEB and Wells Fargo in Pleasanton.

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