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Be careful



After checking in with the Pleasanton Police Department this week, I was told to please remind everyone to LOCK YOUR DOORS! There have been around 10 vehicle burglaries and each time… yep…the doors were unlocked! You should also take your keys, hide your valuables and report any suspicious activity you may see.

Be mine?

Gone are the days of decorated shoeboxes filled with cutesy Valentine cards, but fear not. We have some sweet Valentine’s greetings to be shared on page 4B.

A treat

A nice surprise happened to our lunch group at the Rock House. Our Sports Editor Eric Smith has been interviewing the area superintendents in the Brush Country and McMullen’s superintendent Dave Underwood happened to be dining across from us.

When we got to the counter to pay, he had taken care of our whole group. So thanks, Mr. Underwood! We appreciate your kindness.

6 more weeks of it

Well, it seems our groundhog friend in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow last Thursday. And while we have had a relatively mild winter, I don’t mind admitting I’ve been a little chilled the past few days.

Maybe this Rodent Extraordinaire isn’t too off base. (Even though I have spied some phlox blooming already!)

Save the date

The United States Army Field Band will be performing at the Douglas Williamson Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, March 13 (during Pleasanton I.S.D.’s Spring Break).

Watch the Pleasanton Express for more information!

Your opinion

Each week we set up a poll on our website www.pleasantonexpress.com. Please take some time to visit it and vote. This week’s question is:

The Pleasanton Cowboy
Homecoming is planned for
the last weekend in October
this year. Are you …
1. More likely to attend
2. Prefer to have it in August
3. Not sure

Last week’s results: Total
votes – 108.
What is the best part of the
Super Bowl
1. The game – 31% (33 votes)
2. The commercials – 39% (42
3. The half time show – 8% (9
4. Fellowship and social –
10% (11 votes)
5. Don’t watch the Super
Bowl – 12% (13 votes)

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