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New year for us all



A s we bid farewell to 2011 and welcomed the new year in (amid fireworks, toastings and celebrations), let’s see what is going on this first week of 2012!

Petitions still circulating Had a conversation with Sue Samsel this week. She reports that the petition for the Community Center/Library (accepting the previously approved plans and the partial closing of Main Street so the plans may be carried out) are well over the 500 signatures of qualified voters needed to call for an election. Well over 600 were gathered (some were not in the city limits nor were registered after being checked) which speaks volumes on the voice of the people. In the short time along with the few folks out there carrying the petitions, the strides made are very good. Samsel also added that on a personal note, she was pleased to meet so many people who received the petition in such a positive fashion. If you are interested in signing, please contact Samsel at 830-281- 5903 or 210-288-0265. The council will be presented with the petition at this Thursday’s meeting.

Christmas photo winner Thanks to all who submitted their Christmas photos. Our winner is Tina Tucker of Pleasanton. She submitted a photo of her granddaughter, Reese Tucker with Santa. Tina receives an online subscription to the Pleasanton Express. Her photo is featured on page 8A.

Photos on sale We are running a special on our online photos for the next few weeks. Smug- Mug is our online photo distributor and from now until January 18 you can save half off the price. Go to our website at www.pleasantonexpress.com and click on the SmugMug icon. For more information, see the full article on page 6A.

Follow us on Twitter Since we are embracing this online technology through our enhanced website and our presence on Facebook, why not follow us on Twitter at PE1909.

Your opinion Each week we set up a poll on our website www.pleasantonexpress.com. Please take some time to visit it and vote. This week’s question is: What would you like to see in Pleasanton? A. More parks B. More restaurants C. Downtown plaza D. Better streets E. More retail stores

SUE BROWN is the Editor of the Pleasanton Express. Contact her at 830-281-2341 or sbrown@pleasantonexpress.com.

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