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More pomp & circumstance



Strains of the above will be resonating for Jourdanton, Poteet, McMullen Count and Pleasanton graduates this Friday and Saturday.

While our Senior Edition was published last week, there are some more congratulatory ads in this weeks edition! See them on page 5 & 6B.

Best of luck to the class of 2012!

…and with that…. School is already out for some in our county so be careful of children on bicycles, skateboards and walking near the roads.

One day left on photo sale Our online photos are on sale this month for one more day. You can save 50% by ordering before May 31. What a great way to surprise your favorite graduate on or off the field or court and make a scrapbook or photo album.

See our ad on page 8A for complete details.

Scavenger Hunt starts June 6 To encourage our readers to see what’s happening on our website, we are having a Scavenger Huntwith vintage photos that have been published in our newspaper over the years. Our advertisers are helping sponsor very cool prizes – lots of prizes = lots of winners! See the rules on page 6A.

Branching out The Jourdanton Rotary Club is holding a contest for Magnificent Live Oaks in our county. Don’t you want your oak tree to be a winner? With a $1,000 prize I think so! See the article on page 5A.

Your opinion Each week we set up a poll on our website www.pleasantonexpress.com. Please take some time to visit it and vote. This week’s question is:

Should public schools keep or omit prayers at commencement ceremonies?

1. Keep
2. Omit
3. Undecided

Last week’s results: 85 votes.

What are you planning for Memorial Day weekend?

1. Hit the beach/Road Trip – 5%
(4 votes)
2. Barbecue – 19% (16 votes)
3. Stay Home – 31% (26 votes)
4. Work – 46% (39 votes)

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