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BBQ and family fun



The upcoming St. Andrew barbecue picnic and auction this Sunday is always top on my things to attend each year.

I can almost smell the smokey brisket and the garlic in the yummy sausage right now.

Plates are $7 and the serving begins at 11 a.m. Stick around for the games, Country Store, music and of course the big auction at 1p.m.

VOTE!!! Early voting is easy

Back in the day, voters had to prove they would be out of town on election day. But now anyone can vote early (well as long as you are registered…you ARE registered, right?).

I voted on Monday and it took about 10 minutes. No need to be confused of where to go on election day either!

Mother’s Day & Graduation

Don’t forget your mother next Sunday, May 13. You know….the one who has been there for you through your raising, during good times and bad times. Honor her with an ad that will be printed next week in our May 9 issue.

You can also wish luck to your favorite graduate – whether it is high school or college – there are ads that will be a special recognition on their milestone occasion. These ads will be included in our Graduation Edition on May 23.

Your opinion

Each week we set up a poll on our website www.pleasantonexpress.com. Please take some time to visit it and vote. This week’s question is:

Which Brush Country Playoff
team will advance the

1. Eagle Baseball
2. Lady Eagle Softball
3. Squaw Softball
4. Trojan Baseball
5. Trojanette Softball
6. Too close to call

Last week’s results: 175

How has the oil boom
affected you?

1. New career for self/family
member- 14% (24 votes)
2. My business is
benefitting – 12% (21 votes)
3 . Too much traffic –
58% (102 votes)
4. It has not affected me
at all -10% (18 votes)
5. Other – 6% (10 votes)

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