Oil tank batteries engulfed in earlymorning fire

No injuries were reported after two storage batteries were engulfed in flames south of Pleasanton early Monday morning.

“A witness working for the oil tank company said lighting hit the tank, which caused the fire to start,” Pleasanton Fire Chief Chuck Garris said.

Around 4 a.m., Pleasanton and Jourdanton Volunteer Fire Departments were dispatched to Coughran near Williams Road off Interstate 37 outside of Pleasanton.

The two batteries involved were not identical with one being a salt-water disposal tank while the other was an oil battery, according to Garris.

Crews on scene quickly evacuated the area while the blaze lit the earlymorning sky.

“We were done after lunch time Monday,” Garris said.

“It was more hazardous to clean up the fire rather than let it burn out as we decided.”

The salt-water disposal tank is owned by Belo Wiley while the oil tank is owned by Ron Rickaway.

Garris noted several hot spots lingered throughout the affected area, but later the embers died without any incident.

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