Officer Patchett joins Jourdanton ISD as new resource officer

Jourdanton Police Chief Eric Kaiser addressed the Jourdanton School Board on the new school resource officer. Tina Patchett has been assigned that role and is very enthusiastic about working with the kids. She currently does all the outreach for children and other organizations. He feels this is a positive change, especially with having an office on campus. The City and the ISD are sharing the expenses, since she still does patrol. President Barbara Peeler voiced her appreciation to the City for its assistance. Kaiser admitted that there was good cooperation between the two entities. Vance Jupe said that she had already made an impact on the Elementary and superintendent Lana Collavo added that she would have an expanded role and visit classrooms, as well. Kaiser closed by saying he thought, “She really has a heart for the job. She really wants to be here.”

Collavo gave an update on the San Miguel lawsuit. It is still not settled, but early indications are that it favors the plant. This will affect the school’s budget, since it is based on tax income. One of her main concerns was that this comes up after the school has developed a budget. Discussions are ongoing with the State to see if the system can be adjusted so that it is dependable.

The consent agenda with the minutes from the last meeting and the business office reports was read by Peeler: the total in all accounts is #7,719, 685.59 and yearto date tax collections are $8,305,909.51. Total of all bills paid is $355,845.39. Tricia Taylor moved and Lannie Wheeler seconded. Mary Ramirez, Taylor, Wheeler, Jupe and Peeler all voted for the motion. Amador Lugo was not in attendance. The conflict of interest bills were approved with Peeler abstaining.

Other business passed unanimously was increasing the per diem to the state rate, which is currently $46. They had done the same on the mileage reimbursement earlier. The regular March meeting was set for March 2 at 7:00 p.m., a workshop on March 16 and a construction update/informational meeting on March 23. It is time to go out for RFPs for a bank depository and the board approved doing so.

Collavo asked to be allowed to dispose of the trailers and miscellaneous school property. It could be done by an online auction or silent action. She prefers the silent auction. Ramirez moved to authorize her to sell the property, Jupe seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

The next discussion was on the salary and stipend for an athletic trainer. Robert “Doc” Williams retired and although they are not replacing him right away, Collavo wanted figures to offer applicants. After some discussion about the amount of work and length of work they must do, it was decided to pay them on the same salary structure as a coach and a stipend that equaled two sports, giving them a contract of 202 days. Motion passed as recommended.

The trustees met in executive session at 8:30 and returned at 9:40 p.m. Taylor moved to accept the slate of Principals, Assistant Principals, Business Manager and Assistant Superintendent as presented. Motion passed unanimously. Brandon Brashear was given a contract for the remainder of the year as teacher/coach.

Unanimous approval was given to the motion that Collavo is authorized to purchase a parcel of land, .93 acres located at 206 Tamarac Street, up to the amount discussed in closed session.

Collavo pointed out a few items on the various campus reports. With business concluded, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

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