It wasn’t very patriotic, but I spent my Memorial Day at the mall.  

Those who know me, know I do not enjoy shopping. Rarely does the shopping bug hit me. I can usually barely drag myself to H.E.B.

My motto is if I can’t find it at Wal-Mart I don’t really need it.

My aversion to shopping is only made worse by my limited ability to drive in San Antonio. I can make it to a couple of places, but much maneuvering and traffic throws off my game, and I am out.

Well, we have a wedding to attend this weekend, and everyone in the family needs something new. A new dress, a white shirt, some slacks, shoes all the good stuff.  I’ve known for months, but of course, I had put it off, and so, it was time.

My husband had been out of town, but came in for the day, so I asked him to please take us to the mall. Just what he wanted to do on his holiday.

Now, the mall is basically a foreign place to me. The first time I stepped foot in the mall I was in 8th grade, and now typically trek there only once a year.  

Too many choices….What store to enter, what to eat. It’s a bit overwhelming for me.

The other problem I have in shopping is that I have an idea of what I want. That sounds great right?  But no, it isn’t, because exactly what I want is never there.  So, for example, just searching for a white shirt EXACTLY like I wanted just about drove me nuts.

My husband is a much better shopper than me.  He had headed to Dillards and loaded up on 3 shirts, 2 pair of slacks, all on sale.  
When we met back up, he was done with shopping and growing impatient, but all I had in my bag was a shirt for someone else’s child.

So, off we head into yet another cute shop, looking for the perfect dress for my daughter.  We saw one on a mannequin.  We thought it just might be the one!  But, of course, they only had one dress left, and it was a size too big.  So, I decided to ask for help (o.k. my husband forced me to ask for help). The salesgirl said yes, that is the size you need on the mannequin.  Being the smart sales girl she was she found the same dress in black and said try this one on first and if it works for you we will get the other one off the mannequin.

Perfect.  Off we headed to the fitting room….And again, I’m not real familiar with the ins and outs of malls, so when we heard people knocking on doors and asking questions we pretty much ignored them and went on about our business.

When we stepped out the door another sales lady stood there and said “really fast Spanish words I couldn’t make out” I looked at her, quizzically, I am sure, and thought, “No habla español” but instead I said “Que?” She repeated what she said. The only thing I really made out this time was “Negro” I said, “No, we want the orange one off of the mannequin.” She said “Oh, they told me you spoke Spanish and then you said ‘que’ so I really thought you spoke Spanish.”

It was pretty funny, and maybe you had to be there, but I think it sums up my feeling at the mall. Not my language.  But, we did get a few things.  We ended up with ALMOST all that we need, so I bet I’m gonna end up at Wal-Mart later this week getting the last of the supplies.

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