Noisy Neighborhood

Ever wake up to a sound like “skree–beep, beep, beep– growl”? It takes several minutes to be fully awake and reaIize what it is. It is the sound of construction machinery. The problem is that the sun isn’t even up.

Most construction workers don’t start until Pleasanton city code says they can start. Others don’t.

If you find your sleep disturbed before 7:00 AM, please call the police so there will be a record and anyone else thinking of doing that will be discouraged from it. This problem has been going on for years, not just since the oil boom. Now it is more serious because of so much going on. This city is noisy, noisy, noisy now.

If it is so bad for us as humans, think what the doggie on the back porch and the birds sitting on a limb have to go through. No one makes earplugs for them. They don’t even know what is happening.

Please let your city council member know about your problems with noise so we can find out if the noise ordinance needs to be strengthened.

Sandra G. Holland

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