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Atascosa County Junior Livestock Show

We want to wish all of our 4-H and FFA members good luck at the Atascosa County Junior Livestock Show the week of January 13-18, 2020. We would like to invite the community to come out and support the hard work of our youth of Atascosa County. For a full list of the daily schedule please visit their website at http://

Poinsettia’s After the Holidays

Keep the plants in indirect sun and water regularly. Place your plants outdoors, where they can bask in the warmth of spring and summer, after outside night temperatures average 55 degrees F or above. When the bracts age and lose their aesthetic appeal, usually by late March or early April, cut the poinsettia back to about 8 inches in height. By the end of May you should see vigorous new growth. Continue regular watering during the growth period. Fertilize every 2 to 3 weeks throughout the spring, summer, and fall months with a wellbalanced, complete fertilizer. Around June 1, you may transplant your poinsettias into larger pots. Select pots no more than 4 inches larger than the original inner pot. A soil mix with a considerable amount of organic matter, such as peat moss or leaf mold, is highly recommended. If you wish, you may transplant the poinsettias into a well-prepared garden bed. Be sure the planting bed is rich in organic matter and has good drainage. Pruning may be required during the summer to keep plants bushy and compact. Do not prune after September 1.

Tractor Highway Safety with Motor Vehicles

A tractor operator’s best defense against collision with a motor vehicle on public roads is to make the tractor as visible as possible. This is critical because of the difference in travel speed. If a car traveling 50 miles per hour approaches a tractor traveling 20 miles per hour in the same direction, and if the driver of the car first notices the tractor while still 400 feet behind it, the driver has less than 10 seconds to avoid a collision with the tractor. In this time, the driver of the car must recognize the danger, determine the speed the tractor is traveling, and decide what action to take.

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