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If you’re a frequent visitor to our website, you may have noticed a bit of difference as our fresh, new look was unveiled today. The Pleasanton Express staff is pleased to share with our readers a more interactive news adventure. Our new website will feature videos, an interactive calendar, photo slideshows and more opportunities for creative advertisements. 

Our local community keeps us busy and constantly on-the-go in terms of news and events. We capture amazing photos of those people and moments, but we’re not able to publish them all. With our added photo slideshow feature, you’ll be able to view more of those moments with us! The same goes for our new video feature. Most of our social media followers keep up with our live videos through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Now, you’ll be able to watch those videos on our website without having to be re-directed elsewhere. We’re keeping our readers and news within our website. 

For 13 years, the Pleasanton Express has provided our website free of charge. The cost to keep providing this service has become too great. To continue offering the Pleasanton Express digitally, readers will have to subscribe by purchasing an e-Edition subscription plan. You can purchase a 3 month e-Edition subscription for as low as $10. If you’re a current print subscriber or if you’re wanting to purchase a subscription plan, the process is simple. All you have to do is visit our website and click on the SUBSCRIBE tab (located at the top of our website next to the RACK LOCATIONS tab) and fill in the required fields of information, along with a method of payment that will be processed through PayPal. 

If you’re currently a print edition subscriber, your e-Edition subscription is FREE. If you have any questions about subscriptions or have an issue with registration, feel free to give us a call at (830) 569-6130. 



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  1. Beckie Meurer says:

    I would like to pay my bill online. Please guide me to that site.

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