New guidelines for attending ACLS



Due to COVID-19, the ACLS Board of Directors has approved an alternative schedule that allows for more social distancing and operating procedures for the 2021 Atascosa County Livestock show held Jan. 11-16.

“Although we can agree that this is not an ideal situation, it has been and will continue to be our intention to host our show while working to ensure that the health and safety of our exhibitors, family members, community supporters and ourselves is at the forefront of our decisions,” said the ACLS board. “Should the COVID-19 restrictions strengthen between now and show week, the ACLS Board of Directors will meet to discuss any new developments and will make adjustments accordingly.”

Following are the most up-to-date parameters surrounding our upcoming show:

COVID-19 Protocol:

• Masks and/or face coverings MUST BE worn at all times by all exhibitors and attendees throughout their duration on ACLS Premises; this includes but is not limited to exhibitors, judges and arena help during actual judging of species in the show arena

• Each FAMILY will receive three (3) wristbands plus a wristband for each exhibitor that shows under that family for only the day that the exhibitor is supposed to be on the premises (i.e., Poultry and Cattle exhibitors and families will receive a wristband for Monday only)

• Wristbands MUST BE secured on each person’s body for the duration that they are on ACLS Premises; all persons are subject to be checked for a wristband each day

• Failure for exhibitors to have their wristband on and a mask/face covering on when it is their time to show will result in their animal not being allowed in the arena – each exhibitor will have one chance to rectify the situation before the last call is made for their respective class – failure to rectify the situation will result in the animal not being allowed to show • A COVID-19 Release form

MUST BE signed by each family and returned to

Ag teachers/CEA/4-H

Club Managers before animals are allowed on the show premises

• Poultry exhibitors WILL NOT be allowed to bring extra help to assist in the arena; help will be provided for those exhibitors with the attendees that are already there

• If an exhibitor has been quarantined by their school or by a medical professional, he/she will not be allowed to be on the premises of the Atascosa County Livestock Showgrounds. A substitute exhibitor will be allowed to bring that quarantined exhibitor’s project(s) to the show if they are transferred to the substitute in a safe manner. Substitute forms WILL BE mandatory.

• Exhibitors WILL NOT be allowed to have extra persons on the stage with them while they sell during the auction; only the exhibitor will be allowed on the stage

• Exhibitors WILL NOT be allowed in the buyer’s area even if parents are a buyer-NO exceptions

The ACLS board said that they appreciate everyone’s cooperation as they move forward with the show. The ACLS Board of Directors has met and discussed these parameters at length, and feel that these are the best guidelines that can be provided while trying to keep everyone safe and healthy. The board encourages you to view their ACLS Webpage https:// and their Facebook page, Atascosa County Livestock Show for the most up-to-date information surrounding our show.

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