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We all remember what we were doing when we found out the World Trade Center towers had been hit by terrorists on September 11. Flash forward 18 years and it is still a vivid memory.

Our bathroom was being remodeled and I had taken a shower at my mom’s house. The news was unfolding as they reported the happenings of that fateful morning.

Later at the office we had the television on, trying to attend to the matters of putting out a newspaper while still trying to understand what had happened. We all seemed to be doing our job – as many others – on autopilot.

That day also happened to be my Nana Brown’s 103rd birthday. I remember thinking of everything she experienced in those 100+ years.

Think about it … She lived in the 1800s, the 1900s and the 2000s. She saw two World Wars with her son and son-in-law serving in the latter. She saw the first man on the moon, just about every form of transportation, cures of diseases and discoveries of others. She was aware of computers and cell phones – though not a user of both.

And, now, someone had attacked our country on American soil.

So many people died. So many people’s lives were changed forever. Images of the fallen towers at ground zero are forever etched in our minds and our first responders sacrificed so much

The by waydoing

I seetheir it, job. we shall never forget what happened that day … the images, the sacrifice, the way it changed our country and world.

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