My bonus daughter is official

The Way I See It



It is every parent’s wish that their children find a spouse that is perfect for him or her. If they get along with the parents it is certainly a welcomed bonus.

I have hit the mother load of in-laws.

My son, Daryl, married his love, Emily, this past weekend and though she had already been a part of our family, knowing that it is official is just icing on the cake!

The wedding ceremony itself was sweet. Seeing my son’s eyes tear up when he caught that first glimpse of his bride was a moment I’ll never forget. (Thank you, Emily for the hankerchief … it came in handy!)

It was great seeing family and friends gather to celebrate these two declare their love and committment to each other. Our families have known each other for almost 60 years so the party after the ceremony was fun as well.

To my new comadre/compadre Diane and Rick Garza, we all agreed that each of our kids became “ours” almost immediately. And we also agree that we are indeed very lucky parents. I can’t believe that it was only four years ago when Daryl left for New Zealand for a chance to intern with the Breakers Basketball team. He worried if he was doing the right thing, leaving Emily for months just when they had started dating. As she drove off that morning he was leaving to the airport, he looked at me and said “I’m going to marry that girl!” I answered “Yes, I know you are!”

The way I see it, as their officiant, Mark Stoddard, said -and I’m paraphrasing – This is just a wedding. The real thing, marriage comes next.

Happy marriage Mr. and Mrs. Rentfro! Much love and happiness to you both!

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