Mother’s guilt, a gift that keeps on giving



As everyone who reads my Rambles knows, I’m always writing about the many ways I fail as a parent. But this time I thought I would share a rare glimpse of me getting it right.

Two weeks ago the youngest was graduating… from 8th grade. Out of three kids, this was my first Junior High graduation. Graduation gown included.

The oldest did have a little ceremony that included a slide show and fancy clothes. The poor girl had no pomp and circumstance whatsoever. Which she lamented over after hearing of her brother’s upcoming commemoration.

Well, this mom was proud, truly I was, but you see, Junior High graduation didn’t fit in my schedule.

I had an actual high school graduation to attend. And not just any high school graduation.

My dear friend’s daughter was to be giving her Valedictory speech beginning at 7 p.m., while my son’s junior high graduation was starting a mere 30 minutes earlier. In a neighboring town.

Again, prouder I could not be. Anyone who knows me, knows my opinion regarding those STUPID standardized tests our poor children are forced to take.

And this was a big year. If an 8th grader doesn’t pass certain tests their parents have to have meetings and make decisions regarding high school.

I had no such meetings, and in truth, the child has been handling those tests much better the last few years (knock on wood, and all that).

So, yes, I did want to go!

But then there is the flip side. This is junior high for goodness sakes. Junior High. A graduation. Really?

So, it wasn’t too hard for me to decide I needed to go to the High School graduation.

Did I happen to mention my friend’s daughter is also my oldest son’s girlfriend? Of two years.

I needed to be there.

So, the day before, my mom texts me that she feels I should go to my son’s junior high graduation.

That she feels HE needs me to go.

That her junior high graduation was important to her. She still remembers it.

Sigh. Okay mom. You have done your job yet again.


So I decided I would leave as soon as he walks the stage and head to the other graduation.

And you know what? I did it! I was able to watch most of his graduation. Introductions, speeches and the new freshman walking the stage. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time by the way.

Once that was done I high-tailed it to the other graduation, where I was a little late, but got to listen to most of her valedictory address. Including how thankful she was to everyone and how much she loves them, her special jokes to her classmates, and I saw the whole class receive their diplomas.

Whew. I was sweating it, literally, but I’m glad I did it.

So, this one time, I’m going to send a little thank you to my mom for working her magic and making me feel inadequate like only she can .

And while that sounds insulting, I’m being serious. I’m thankful…This time.

ROBBIE HAMBY is a mom of 3. Her blog “Robbie Rambles” can be found at You can e-mail her at

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