More than just a building…



It’s just a building? When is a structure just a building? Is a church just a building? Is a hospital just a building? Is a home just a building? All these structures have a specific purpose to fulfill a specific need. The Atascosa County Animal Control Center, due to open in August 2018, was specifically designed to serve a specific purpose. Those needs come at a specific price which determines the functionality of the building. A church wouldn’t normally be used as a hospital and has to be built to accommodate a crowd of people and not one’s individual physical ailments needs. A hospital would be much more expensive to build and would not be practical to be used as a church. Atascosa County continues to grow as a community and with that growth comes certain social expectations. We need schools, libraries, hospitals, churches, parks, fire stations and many other community assets to promote positive community growth. Animal control is a major component of this equation. Our society demands the humane and proper treatment of our little creatures. What was once considered “country living” in dealing with abandoned animals is no longer acceptable. Our citizens need to have a humane option when dealing with the stress of a pet showing up at their doorsteps. Other communities will not take our animals if you do not live in their jurisdiction. We need to fulfill that void and be there to help our citizens. Before the first line was ever drawn on any paper there was extensive research done on if we even needed an animal control facility. Years ago, this endeavor was taken on by our progressive county leaders. They did a needs assessment survey by speaking directly to our citizens and determined that the majority of us wanted a county run animal control facility. The need was apparent when the common denominator was a repetitive story told by many of our citizens. “I have 10 dogs and none of them are mine”. This facility is yours. We want you and your family to be a part of its success. Please read the story on page 1A of the Pleasanton Express and please follow Atascosa County Animal Control Center on Facebook. God bless and join us for our Grand Opening in August.

Lt. Henry Dominguez

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