More on drive-thru

This regards the complaint about the Poteet Wells Fargo drive-up window, or lack thereof.

Recently, many banks across the country have closed due to the economy. This branch, while it is small, is very convenient to so many of us in the part of the county, and closing it would certainly inconvenience us. The employees are pleasant, accommodating and the consummate professionals. We truly appreciate them. I am grateful that we have the convenience of a Wells Fargo branch in Poteet, with or without a drive-through window, I can imagine that drive-through and Saturday services are expenses that could ultimately keep this small branch from being profitable enough for Wells Fargo to keep it open. Those services are available eight miles away in a larger branch. The branch in Poteet simply keeps us from having to make the trip. I hope that Wells Fargo never considers the Poteet community too small, too poor, too insignificant or too whiney to support a branch here.

Anyone who has closed an account at the Poteet branch and gone elsewhere just to drive through has inconvenienced himself more by having to do banking in another city!

Dr. Sunny Stephens

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