Monthly Evergreen Meeting

At the September meeting of the Evergreen Underground Water Conservation district the General Manager gave each director a copy of the required annual Management Plan Report. Seeing the report was extensive, about ½ inch thick, Director Troell requested the board be given time to review it before final acceptance. General Manager Mahoney’s reply was, “You can play political football with it if you want to, Mr. Troell, but there it is.”

This comment is typical of the General Manager’s attitude toward anyone who doesn’t go along with his agenda. When asked a question, rather than giving a concise answer, he often responds with a rambling dissertation so confusing that it leaves his audience, and probably the board members, wondering what he said.

At the October meeting Director Troell was out of town on business but Director Fox had evidently reviewed the Management Plan Report in detail. He pointed out several discrepancies/concerns. One concern was we are not performing the chemical analyses that meet TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) specifications. Mr. Fox further stated that, if TCEQ standards were followed, contamination of aquifers could be detected to avoid potential health issues and possible litigation against our district.

I encourage anyone concerned with the condition of our aquifers, and the issues which impact them, to attend these meetings. The next meeting date is November 30th. I hope to see you there.

Bob Ulrich
Concerned Citizen

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