Money available for winter storm losses

Help is on the way for needy residents of Atascosa County who suffered losses due to the winter storm. But you have to ask to receive! No worries, it is fast and easy.

The AIC received the $25,000 grant to support vulnerable neighbors recovering from the winter storm through home repairs and unmet needs assistance. AIC requests individuals in need due to the winter storm to apply for funds.

Gloria Day with AIC (Atascosa Inter-Agency Council) urges Atascosa County vulnerable residents who experienced financial loss due to the winter storm to simply email at for an application. “Whether you lost food, had home damage, need repairs, or suffered a loss of income from work, please let us help,” said Day. “If you need assistance, please email us. An application will be sent to you and an appointment set.” Day said please let your church members and neighbors know. Please help spread the word. She asks if you know of elderly neighbors or residents who do not have internet access to help them send an email for the application. The application process is very easy and quick.

AIC continually looks for opportunities to improve the continuity and development of services for residents. The AIC’s mission is to promote the well-being of individuals and families through effective partnership between all area service agencies. Currently, there are 50 participating agencies that provide services to residents of Atascosa County. Services provided include employment opportunities, economic development, healthcare, safety and environmental concerns and youth development, etc.

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  1. I would like an application

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