I confess, I like Monday and I always have. When my kids were little and I stayed at home it was a chance to clean up after the weekend mess. My husband would head off to work, the kids to school (when they were old enough) and I would straighten up what mess the weekend had left in its wake.

I guess that’s why I find them to be a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to begin again, to catch up, a do-over if you will!

Mondays make me feel like I can tackle the world, or at the very least that mountainous pile of laundry…Ok, mountainous piles of laundry.

I start the day with lists…Lists at work, lists at home. What I have going on, what I am needing to do. Most of this is usually forgotten by the time Tuesday morning rolls around, but I get at least one thing accomplished.

I’ve always known people generally don’t like Mondays, but that has become more clear to me now with facebook. I see posts every week complaining that it’s Monday, wishing it away. Bad-mouthing Monday, who, as far as I can tell didn’t do anything to anybody….I can’t help but wonder why?

Sure, I like the weekends, what’s not to love? Ours are usually pretty laid back with no major plans. We have church on Sunday, and try to take the command to rest very seriously. Maybe that’s why come Monday morning I am ready to tackle the week.

As you know from my first post, I’m not the most organized. I’m not sure if organized people feel excited about everyday, as I do on a Monday, but if they do I’m sorta jealous. It’s a wonderful, energetic feeling, it would be great to feel this great sense of capability and enthusiasm every morning.

And I hope that those who hate Monday at least have one day that they enjoy because the reality is that every day is a chance for accomplishment.

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