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Writing and communicating come pretty naturally to me. I think a lot and love ideas. Growing up back in the 1950s my family had one television set and I loved news, documentaries and more informative subject matter. If someone left a book or magazine lying around I would probably read it.

So, here I am, a columnist. I have now been a columnist for the Pleasanton Express for a month. What can you expect if you read my column every week? You might get a book review or it may be totally humorous. Others will be dead serious. And the discerning reader WILL be able to tell the difference.

I am a born daydreamer. It frustrated my parents to no end and most of my teachers in school just didn’t get it. When I should have been taking notes I was drawing pictures. I could draw a really convincing steam locomotive or a landscape or a spaceship or just about anything my too-active mind could think up. Sailing ships? Sea battles? You name it, I would draw it.

In fourth grade my classroom had a great view of the railroad yard in Montrose, Colorado, and each morning a little before noon the train that served the town would come rolling in from Grand Junction, led by one of a pair of petite ten-wheeler steam engines. Then and now I loved trains. Liked to ride them and liked to look at them. I dreamed of that train taking me far away from that classroom.

But I was a quick study when it came to reading. I easily learned to read in first grade and would often finish a reading assignment early and go right on to the next chapter—much to my teachers’ consternation. Reading opened doors and windows and placed the world in front of me.

I dreamed about adventures and travels and just about anything. Most (not all) classes bored me, but I made up for that by reading ahead and mentally escaping. Any daydreamer will understand. It wasn’t necessarily that the schools were deficient or that I lacked the discipline I needed to learn—it was just that I never did well in a structured learning environment.

I am a Christian, a conservative, but I respect a lot of other views. I don’t mind discussing politics and those who discuss them with me will find I have a pretty good understanding of government and a great respect for the Constitution. But I am also fairly opinionated.

I am a proudly retired Air Force and Air Force Reserve officer and a Vietnam veteran. I am proud of my service and am an advocate for all veterans who honorably served our country. And, I am still a daydreamer. If you are also one we will get along very well. If you aren’t one I still hope you will still enjoy my contributions to these pages. They are fun for me to write and I hope they will be fun to read.


WARREN DOMKE is a columnist for the Pleasanton Express.

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