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Greetings all, This past week we received a blessing of some good amount of rain. The rain was a great benefit to almost everyone; however, it brought some issues to a few others. The construction company working on replacing the fresh waterline in the city have been working diligently. They have not yet covered the ditches with road topping material. The heavy rain soaked well into the ditches filled with gravel. Unfortunately, some drivers encountered problems when they drove over the ditches or when trying to drive in or out of their property. If any resident has or is experiencing issues with the refresh waterline construction, please call the city hall office (830-742-3574). If you explain your issue, the clerks will provide you with the contact information for the construction company. The construction company is responsible for addressing all issues related to the construction. If the construction company fails to adequately address your issue, please contact city hall and ask to speak with the Public Works Director.

All our city employees conduct themselves professionally when dealing with the public. If anyone feels they have not been treated professionally please call to speak with a supervisor or the city administrator to express your concern. If anyone has any city-related concern, please call the city hall office. The only way the city can address any city-related concerns is if we know about it (not on Facebook).

A little bit about our varsity football team. The Aggies are 3-0! The Aggies beat the Pleasanton Eagles! That means Pleasanton Mayor Hall will being wearing an Aggie football jersey at his next city hall meeting, Sept. 17. I will be there for a photo op. Let’s continue to show our community support for the Aggies. This is going to be a great football year.

Remember to stay safe.

Gig’em Aggies

WILLIE LEAL is the Mayor of Poteet. You may email him at mayor@poteettexas. gov.

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