Mayor’s Message – Poteet



This is going to be a busy month, August, for the Poteet City Council. Aside from our regularly scheduled monthly meeting, there will be several special meetings scheduled for August: two budget workshop meetings, a tax rate public hearing, a budget review and adoption meeting and a tax rate adoption meeting. These special meetings require a quorum of a minimum of four council members. The budget and tax rate have specific deadline dates to be completed. The Council has a difficult task ahead. The Council must take into account the negative effect of the coronavirus on the city’s future revenues. During the workshops, the Council will evaluate the revenues and the expenditures required to meet the city’s financial obligations. Budget cuts in each department are inevitable in order to achieve a balanced budget in our General Fund Account. With the budget cuts, the Council will ensure that the quality of service to our community will not be adversely effected. The Council will implement a business practice I learned when I was a supervisor working for the federal government, “Do more with less.” Our city will adopt this new way of conducting business. The Council has a major responsibility of managing the city’s financial resources effectively.

As Mayor for Poteet, one of my priorities is to increase sales tax revenue. If the sales tax increases that would make it possible to reduce the property tax, yet maintain the same total revenue needed to provide the city with the ability to meet its financial obligations. The coronavirus pandemic put a crunch on the sales tax revenue and slowed the economic development for the city. Despite some minor setbacks, a few new businesses have opened in our city. I expect more growth to come soon. Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to invest their resources and develop new enterprises. We welcome all who wish to invest in our community.

On a more positive note, the number of active coronavirus cases in Atascosa County have dropped considerably. I attribute the drop to everyone doing their part to help curtail the spread of the virus. Please continue to wear your face covering when out in public areas, maintain social distancing and sanitize your hands frequently, especially before touching your face.

Please continue to be safe and stay strong.

WILLIE LEAL is the Mayor of Poteet. You may email him at mayor@poteettexas. gov.

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